Chestnuts in the Lot Valley, France

Rustic France and A Chestnut Festival

Every year in October, more than 20,000 visitors come to take a bite of rustic France at the annual Mourjou Chestnut Festival.

Chestnuts in the Lot Valley, France

In the heart of the Lot Valley, between the Lot and the Aveyron, come and discover Mourjou (Cantal) and the chestnut that nourished people of the area for ages over the weekend of 20th and 21st October 2012.

Symbol of the Châtaigneraie cantalienne (chestnut trees protected area), the chestnut tree was suffering since the 1950s from modernisation. So, in 1990, a group of young inhabitants from Mourjou decided to create a Chestnut festival to revive traditions and promote the area.

It was a success from start and now attract more than 20,000 visitors during one weekend.

Half of the 400 inhabitants of Mourjou are taking part in the organisation of a festival which welcome over 80 stallholders from all over the world for food testing, conferences, technical demonstrations, exhibitions, hiking, storytelling, music and dance.

There are two tons of chestnuts grilled and 5,000 liters of cider drank over the weekend in a festive atmosphere – sounds like fun, right?

Chestnut FestivalWhy not take the chestnut discovery trip with the visit of the chestnut museum? Experience its traditional architecture like a ‘secadou’ (a traditional farm in which chestnut was dryed), a backer’s oven or a village shop from the 1950s.

Or enjoy a gastronomic experience with a five-course meal, all cooked with chestnut at the Auberge de Mourjou; delicious, especially the chestnut ice-cream!

And while you there, make time to visit the rest of the Lot Valley and its many activities and attractions; Conques and its impressive abbey nearby in Aveyron or you can follow one of the trails through the woods.

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