amalfi coast

Discover Naples On A Vintage Vespa or Fiat 600

Fancy yourself as a Napuletano? Well now you can discover Naples as you’ve never seen it before on a vintage Vespa or vintage Fiat 600.

amalfi coast
As well as Naples, you can also explore a little further and take a day trip along the famous Amalfi Coast on a vintage Vespa.

NapolinVespa Guides will give you the opportunity to visit Naples and its surroundings and offer alternative ways to taste the rich traditions and enjoy the splendid views this beautiful land offers.

And it will all be enjoyed on a comfortable vintage Vespa, a legend has accompanied Italian history since World War II.

To ensure comfort all the Vespas in the section they are equipped with an independent passenger seat. The guides, along with the passengers, will be equipped with a helmet with intercom for easier and more comfortable communication.

With advance notice, you can also create Vespa tours for groups up to 30 to 40 people.

The Fiat 600 D is the symbol of the economic growth of the 60s. Completely renovated, the Fiat 600 D will give you the opportunity to discover Naples comfortably seated in a jewel of Italian design. The Fiat 600 D is ideal for rainy days or for those a little lazier!

A vintage Vespa – what a way to explore Naples.

The tours

1) Classic tour (Historic centre with breath-taking views)

Discover the charm of Naples in the historic centre, the largest in Europe and a UNESCO world heritage site. The city boasts beautiful scenery which was endless sources of inspiration for the paintings of the 19th century school of Posillipo.

Thousands of legends and great buildings characterise different periods and breath-taking views as seen from one of our vintage Vespas, guided by a friendly and knowledgeable expert.

Duration: 4 hours, Price: € 160,00

2) Panoramic Tour

“See Naples and die”. So goes the famous saying coined by an unidentified poet. His intention was to emphasise that the magnificent beauty of Naples is so great that it is essential to visit at least once in your life.

Through an exploration of the city views, some famous and others less well known, on a beautiful vintage Vespa, with a friendly and knowledgeable guide, you can explore those corners of paradise for which Naples is famous for around the world.

Duration: 4 hours, Price: € 160,00

fiat 600
The Fiat 600, if you want something different but very Italian.

3) Phlegraean Tour

The Phlegraean Fields, also known as Campi Flegrei, have enormous historical significance, impressive landscapes and Roman ruins which emerge from vast area of volcanic origin.

It will be a real open-air tour in the company of roaring vintage Vespas on stretches of Roman roads through the baths and large monumental necropolis and amphitheatres.

Duration: 5 hours, Price: € 180,00

4) Amalfi Coast Tour

You will travel along the characteristic curves of the coastline where, from the small villages, you can admire the majestic landscape known around the world. With appropriate stopovers, you can happily chat and take photographs as you proceed along the route from Sorrento to Minori, through Positano, Amalfi and Ravello.

Duration: 8 ½ hour tour (including a number of stops), Price: € 350,00 (lunch incl.)

Customised tours are also available.

For more information e-mail or visit

2 thoughts on “Discover Naples On A Vintage Vespa or Fiat 600

  1. I’m from Napoli and you ‘deserved’ another ‘like 🙂 Napoli is not only sorrento and pompeii. Flegrean fields are a great place to be visited and discovered. Again, well done! 😉

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