Chocolate Ecstasy Tours experience

Chocolate Tours for Great Days and Nights Out

Enjoy a hen party or great night out with your mates in London by making it a veritable chocoholic frolic!

Chocolate Ecstasy Tours experience

The experts on all things chocolatey in London, Chocolate Ecstasy Tours,are targetting hen parties and all-girl groups on the whole, but anyone can join in if they have a sweet tooth.

Why not take a full-of-beans approach to any celebrations and have a fun day, half-day or evening that aims to have everyone licking their lips

These chocolate aficionados promise they listen to your desires and create not-to-be-missed private chocolate tours around the streets, arcades and mews of the capital.  Plus, there will be decadent visits to the hidden chocolate boutiques of the most acclaimed chocolatiers in London.

Each venue is an Aladdin’s cave for chocolate lovers, where secrets of the chocolate genii are divulged and enticing sampling opportunities offered. VIP discounts on chocolate purchases are also available and hot chocolate and chocolate cocktails can be added into your itinerary to make it a memorable chocolate fest.

Guests enjoying a Chocolate Ecstasy Tour

The private tour can be tailored to suit the rest of your celebratory schedule, or become the key part of it, the common denominator being the tour’s ability to bond all members of the group together as they share their common love of the milky, dark or white stuff!

Private chocolate tours can be designed to suit any celebration with the group size catered for ranging from 5 to 12 people.

If you only have a small group, you can also book on to a scheduled tour, with options available on Saturdays, Sundays and some Thursday evenings.

To get more information call 020-3432 1306 or visit

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