Court Jester: Best Summer Job Ever?

Leeds Castle is looking for a jester. Yes, some lucky individual will be paid to lark about. Paid to juggle and tell jokes. Paid to turn cartwheels.

Photo credit: Leeds Castle Foundation.
Photo credit: Leeds Castle Foundation.

The former Royal Palace in Kent is following in the tradition of the Tudor kings by appointing a member of staff just to make people happy. Applicants must be able to juggle, chat and joke with visitors, teach basic circus skills and perform tricks. An interest in history and ability to speak foreign languages would be welcome.

Costumes will be provided but candidates are expected to have their own equipment for entertaining crowds, corporate and wedding guests. Interviews will be live performances at the castle throughout the half term week in February, when staff and visitors will be invited to choose their favourite.

Photo credit: Leeds Castle Foundation.

Chief executive of Leeds Castle, Victoria Wallace said: “The principle of appointing a jester is just as it was in Henry VIII’s time. When the Royal court visited the castle, there were about as many people in their retinue as we see visiting on a sunny weekend.

“We know we already offer a fantastic day out for families, but having someone whose job it is to make visitors laugh can’t be a bad thing.

“We’re leaving the choice of jester to our visitors. We’ll invite all applicants to come and perform from 18th- 22nd February and ask our visitors to decide who they like best. Then the jester will receive his or her official appointment in time for the Easter holidays.”

So, if you’re looking for a new job send your CV to the HR manager at The closing date for applications is the 5th February 2013.

If not, it’s a lovely castle to visit and seeing the interviews will surely be hilarious.

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