Avenue of Statues, China

Why Book A Holiday With An ABTA Member?

A new marketing campaign has been launched by the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) to remind us why we should book with their members, with financial protection one of the key reasons.

Avenue of Statues, China

A new leaflet and video describing the benefits of booking with an ABTA member has been produced to help its members relay them to us – the customers.

If you’re not aware of the ABTA logo you should be. It already enjoys 78% consumer recognition and 7 in 10 consumers regard ABTA Membership as essential or important when booking their travel arrangements. We concur with this wholeheartedly.

So, why should we book our holidays through an ABTA member?

High Service Standards: Emphasising the ABTA Code of Conduct which ensures high standards of service, fair terms of trading, accurate information and a simple complaint handling service if something goes wrong.

Protection: All holidays sold by ABTA members are financially protected whether by ABTA, ATOL, or other schemes.  ABTA itself protects about 3.7 million holidaymakers every year and has paid out £19 million to protect holidaymakers in the last five years.

Expertise: Expert help and advice available on http://www.abta.com also providing travel updates and expert advice in a crisis helping consumers understand their rights.

Complaints Resolution: Access to an exclusive, independent, and cost effective complaints handling service.

Responsible Tourism: ABTA leads the industry in supporting responsible tourism and sustainable business practices as well as improving health and safety standards worldwide.

Choice and Flexibility: More than 1,200 ABTA members offer you choice and flexibility, whether consumers want a tailor made trip, luxury cruise weekend break or an all- inclusive resort.

ABTA has also produced a short and entertaining animated video explaining the benefits of booking with an ABTA Member. Take a look…

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