Variety Voyager yacht in Calvi, Corsica (2)

Boutique Cruising: Now There’s An Idea

A whole load of new holidays with intrepid itineraries that combine well-known ports with those that are a little more undiscovered, allowing time to truly explore each destination.

Variety Voyager yacht in Calvi, Corsica (2)
The Variety Voyager yacht in Calvi, Corsica.

Boutique cruising company, Variety Cruises has launch its new itineraries; The Sights and Sounds of Cuba, The Seychelles Cruise and, from December 2013, The Treasures of Costa Rica & the Panama Canal.

Plus, there is a cruise holiday they call Antiquity to Byzantium that takes in the most renowned sites of the Peloponnese and Greece.

You get to travel to beautiful and unspoiled destinations on board spacious and luxurious ships that encapsulate comfort and indulgence.

Sights and Sounds of Cuba

Discover a beautiful country of amazing cultural and architectural diversity; explore vast countryside and museum cities. Highlights include the beautiful UNESCO Heritage sites of Vinales in Pinar del Rio region, Bahia de Corriene – a biosphere reserve, Trinidad with its impressive mansions, and the stunning Valley de Ingenios where time stands still.

Seven day cruise. Available from 21st December 2012 to 5th April 2013. Prices from £1,500 per person (excluding port charges, flights and transfers).

Afternoon at Seychelles
Relax in the stunning Seychelles.

The Seychelles Cruise 2013

Explore the unspoilt paradise that is the Seychelles on board a small luxurious ship. Hopping from island-to-island allows you to explore the exquisite surroundings. Cruise highlights include The Vallee de Mai- a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its palm trees, its Coco de Mer plants and black parrots – with stops at the picturesque Anse Lazio and the Island of Curieuse famed for its colony of giant tortoises.

Eight day, five day and four day cruises are all available. Available all year round from December 2012. Prices from £885 per person (excluding port charges, flights and transfers).

The Treasures of Costa Rica & the Panama Canal 2013-14

The Treasures of Costa Rica and the Panama Canal invites you to discover lands full of vibrant charm, friendly people and a fascinating history.

This cruise encapsulates lush jungles and marine parks, colonial architecture and stunning Caribbean coast lines. Highlights of this eight day cruise include the stunning Quepos, Corcovado and Drake Bay in Costa Rica, the Granito de Oro & Coiba Islands, Panama Canal Transit, and San Blas Islands in Panama and Cartenga, Columbia.

Eight day cruise. Available from 1st December 2013- 9th March 2014. Prices from £2,090 per person (excluding port charges, flights and transfers).

From Antiquity to Byzantium 2013

Taking in the very best cultural highlights throughout Greece, such as Ancient Olympia, the Corinth Canal and the revered ruins of Delphi, this eight day cruise will provide a circumnavigation of the historic Peloponnese and continental Greece. You will enjoy the sublime offerings on board the recently refurbished 49 passenger sail cruiser Panorama II.

Eight day cruise. Available 8th March – 25th October 2013. Prices from £658 per person (excluding port charges, flights and transfers).

Panorama II at Santorini
Panorama II at Santorini.

About Variety Cruises

Comprising a fleet of 11 fully owned vessels – including mega yachts, sail cruisers and private luxury yachts – Variety Cruises specialises in journeys for the inquisitive mind and is one of the largest small ship cruise lines in the world.

Each ship hosts a limited number of passengers from 40 up to 75 offering an intimate boutique cruise or yachting experience that allows dockings in smaller ports of call.

Variety Cruises provides unique and experiential itineraries to worldwide destinations including glamorous coastal resorts across the Mediterranean, the Adriatic and the Greek islands – including Monte Carlo, St Tropez and Santorini – combined with lesser-known gems such as Bonifacio in Corsica or Amorgos and Kythira in Greece.

The boutique cruise company also offers programmes further afield such as West Africa and the newly added Seychelles, Cuba, Costa Rica and Panama.

If you want further information visit , call +44 208324 3114 or e-mail

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