L'Impressionniste river barge

Barge Holiday From Provence to Holland

For an extraordinary inland waterways cruising experience in 2013, European Waterways is offering a special six-week voyage of a lifetime from Provence to Holland through several countries and historic cities along some of Europe’s great rivers, including the Rhone, Seine and Rhine, as well as many other picturesque waterways.

This 1,000 mile cruise on the 12-passenger luxury hotel barge L’Impressionniste is a wonderful combination of cruising, sightseeing and city tours, discovering the regional cultures, cuisine and wines of Provence, Beaujolais, Burgundy, Champagne, Alsace, the Moselle & Rhine valleys.

The holiday will take you along some of Europe’s great rivers including the Rhone, Seine, Moselle and Rhine.

L'Impressionniste river barge

The departure is from Avignon on Sunday 3rd November and arrives in Amsterdam on Saturday 14th December.

What else would you want to do when the winter starts again? Our only problem is… would six week on a barge actually turn out to be rather boring in itself? The last time we took such a trip it was with school and our editor  fell in to the water.

Prices vary according to the number of passengers aboard (minimum eight passengers).

If you’re interested in this idea, more information, visit http://www.gobarging.com or call 01753 598555.

Have you been on a barge holiday? Tell us what you think in our comments box below.

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