Broadway in The Cotswolds

A Retro-Route Of The Cotswolds

Broadway in The Cotswolds

You can now take a retro-route in search of the finest unspoilt countryside, timeless market towns and vintage shops in Britain. Yes, there’s a new way of enjoying the lovely Cotswolds.

Already famous for being “quintessentially English”, The Cotswolds is renowned for its mix of honey-coloured stone villages, pubs, tea-rooms, restaurants and hotels.

And while there is a sharp, modern, cutting-edge to The Cotswolds these days, it’s also a rich source-book for vintage lifestyle and shopping.

The new Cotswolds Vintage & Modern Tours illustrates this by highlighting why the landscape is ideally suited to a trail of this nature.  Consisting of four separate circuits available in both leaflet (vintage) form, and online (modern) style, it is aimed squarely at capitalising on the growing trend – both in the UK and overseas – for all things ‘retro’.

The routes cater for those of you who want to find the ‘best of British’, as well as lifestyle and home-style products suited to today’s trends.

Turning a car journey around some of the lesser-known areas of The Cotswolds into a ‘pleasurable pursuit with a purpose’, the tours promise to take all of the hard work away for anyone keen to uncover all of the retro gems in one of the best-loved regions of Britain.

While it’s sure to revive memories of a previous Golden Age of Touring, the new routes also point you in the direction of some ultimate vintage experiences – such as hiring bespoke vintage clothing, and getting behind the wheel of a classic car. Each to one’s own, we say.

If you would like more details about the Cotswolds Vintage & Modern Tours you can visit

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