Brits Create Bucket List at 39 With Travel Most Popular

On average, Brits create their ‘bucket list’ of life goals to achieve before they die at the age of 39. A bit young you might think, and we’d tend to agree, but I guess it depends on how long the list is.

Silver Service Coach in Nimes, France
What’s on your bucket list? Seeing iconic sights from around the world is on ours. Actually, we haven’t made one yet, but….

The findings from the escorted tour specialist, Leger Holidays found that the average wish list contains 20 items to check off during a lifetime.

Travel was by far the most popular thing to include, with more than three out of four people (78%) having key destinations they want to see on their list. This was almost four times as important as achieving financial success (22%) and three times as important as realising career aspirations (28%). In saying that, you’ll probably need a few pennies to actually realise the dreams jotted down on the list, right?

Other bucket list ambitions

Although most ambitions were shown to be travel inspired, other popular personal achievements include owning a Porsche (chosen by one in five), completing a bungee jump (one in four) and dating someone half your age (one in ten) – with that particular choice proving three times more popular with men than women.

The five most coveted travel experiences were revealed to be:

33% Experiencing new and distant cultures
31% Seeing the Seven Wonders of the World
28% Completing an iconic road trip
24& Experiencing natural phenomena, such as volcanoes
23% Zoological or wildlife-related travel

The research found almost 80% of Britain has, or is planning to create, a bucket list, although two thirds of us will keep it a secret from their friends and family. The most common triggers for creating one are losing someone close or reaching a milestone birthday.

Over half of those who make a bucket list believe they’ll fulfil it. And, when it comes to doing so, one in ten would break the law or spend their children’s inheritance to cross something off the list. A fifth of Brits would also quit their job or re-mortgage!

So, have you made a ‘bucket list’ or do you plan on having one someday? What would be on it? Let us know in the comments box below.

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