Trainline Festival Finder

A Seriously Cool Festival Finder For Summer 2013

Where are all the festival goers? Save Big Ben and the double-decker bus tour for another time and consider checking out a music festival.

English: David Guetta in a concert in Mexico d...

The UK hosts some of the biggest and best music festivals in the world. The famous T in the Park event is being held between 12th and 14th July and will feature popular favorites such as Mumford and Sons, Rihanna and David Guetta, as well as local artists such as Everything Everything.

Or, if you’d like something a little more family-friendly, the Lattitude Festival hosts cutting edge DJs, comedians such as a local favorite, Eddie Izzard, and dance productions alongside their already incredible lineup of musicians.

Not sure which one to choose from? The Trainline created this really handy music festival finder guide that recommends festivals based off of your favorite artists. Go ahead and choose your favorite musicians to see if they’ll be performing in the UK this summer and what other festivals they recommend based off your particular interests.

Over 2,000 artists are featured in the guide and a variety of genres are present, so it is applicable to almost every music lover.

Take some time to test it out yourself and see what music festival is the right choice for you:

Click image to open interactive version (via ).

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