4 Winter Well-Being Breaks With A Holistic Approach

Can’t get away to an exotic island for some much-needed sun this winter? There are some good places in Europe where you can get warm and toasty.

Schloss Pichlarn from Wellbeing Escapes

No need to go to the other side of the Equator to warm up this winter. Try these ancient holistic therapies that will give you a rosy glow in no time.

1. Dip into the thermal waters of a Slovakian Palace

Newly refurbished Danubius Health Spa Resort Thermia Palace in Slovakia includes state-of-the-art facilities, whilst preserving the old-age charm and royal-friendly splendour. The resort is set on a beautiful spa island with healing springs of thermal mineral water and mud sources. You can try this short break here to soothe and nourish your body.

2. Try Ayurvedic treatments in the Austrian Alps

Schloss Pichlarn Spa & Golf Resort which sits in the mountains of Austria will bring you back in touch with nature – prepare to fall under the spell of its magical and romantic landscape with plenty of natural beauty. Allow yourself to mentally and physically unwind with Ayurvedic body treatments performed with a generous amount of warm Ayurvedic herbs and oils.

3. Warm up from inside out in five different saunas in Italy

Lefay Resort & Spa in Italy is hidden away on a private hillside estate looking across Lake Garda, surrounded by lemon trees and olive groves. Here the art of getting warm is taken to a different level, with the TCM Spa incorporating five different types of saunas: aroma sauna, Caligo (high humidity) sauna; olive tree sauna; water & fire sauna and a ladies-only sauna. Don’t forget to visit the ice fountain in between.

4. Get the energy flowing with Traditional Chinese Medicine in France

La Clairière is an eco-spa hotel set in the beautiful Vosges forests in north-eastern France. Nature, holistic treatments and Traditional Chinese Medicine form the basis of their approach to wellbeing (plus don’t miss their fully organic restaurant). Try Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qi Gong, both aimed to open up the blockages in the body and get the energy flowing freely, thus keeping your body in immune-boosting balance.

You can get more information about these wellness holidays at www.wellbeingescapes.com.

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