Manhattan, New York City

Travel Writers Choose Favourite Holiday Spots

Manhattan, New York City
New York topped the city rankings.

A survey of leading travel journalists has revealed their favourite countries and cities, the secret beaches they keep to themselves and the places they have vowed never to revisit.

The biggest-ever survey of travel editors and writers in the UK, conducted by the travel inspiration website 101 Holidays, found that:

•    France was voted best country, followed by India and Italy.
•    New York topped the city rankings, followed by London and Paris.
•    Krabi in Thailand was voted best beach resort in the world, with Holkham on the North Norfolk Coast named best beach in the UK.
•    Thailand was the country with most ‘best beach’ votes.
•    Cornwall had most ‘best beach’ votes in the UK.
•    London is the favourite UK destination, followed by Edinburgh and the Hebrides.
•    Las Vegas is the destination the writers would least like to revisit, followed by Qatar and Dubai.

The full results can be found at

More than 100 writers and editors took part, including many of the UK’s most experienced and influential travel journalists from Simon Calder of The Independent to travel writer and TV presenter Ben Fogle, plus travel editors at publications such as the Mail on Sunday, The Sunday Times, The Telegraph, Tatler, The Daily Mirror, Lonely Planet and Wanderlust Magazine.

The journalists questioned have a total number of 1,769 years experience working in travel, with an average of 16 years each.

They were also asked where – if they were given a free air ticket – they would visit in 2014. The most popular choice was Australia, followed by World Cup hosts Brazil and the USA.

If they had to pay for their own holiday in 2014, the results were very different, with the USA top, followed by France and Italy. Many travel writers said they would prefer not to stay at hotels, opting instead to rent a cottage or villa, or even go camping.

Their favourite airline was British Airways followed by Virgin Atlantic and Singapore Airlines but budget airlines Easyjet and Ryanair also made the top 10.

How would you answer and where would you like to go?

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