Middle Piccadilly from Wellbeing Escapes.

Why You Should Not Do An Extreme Detox In January

Middle Piccadilly from Wellbeing Escapes.
You can try a Wellbeing Booster in Middle Piccadilly.

Contrary to the popular belief, winter is not the time to do a hard core detox, says wellness expert.

New Year has always been labelled as the classic time to detox after all the fun and indulgence of the festive season. Yet on a deeper level it’s a difficult time for your body to do a detox this time of year.

“The days are still long, dark and cold, and we are right in the middle of the winter. According to the natural cycle, your body is seeking warmth, care and nourishment, and your mind and soul – some time to reflect and go within. So it’s more natural to go easy on yourself this time of the year” – says Stella Photi, the founder of Wellbeing Escapes.

1. Eat healthy, nourishing foods but don’t push yourself too hard with an all-out cleanse or full on fasting.

2. Incorporate regular nurturing, gentle massages, such as Ayurvedic Abhyanga massages, into your self-care routine.

3. Do restorative yoga or fitness practices but stay away from a gym workout that’s too strenuous. Yoga will help draw you inside to a better place, while working up a mild sweat and stretching will help release toxins from your body.

4. Reflective, inward practices are best suited for the middle of winter so consider learning meditation or mindfulness. Use these short days and dark nights to nourish yourself from the inside both emotionally and physically.

5. Leave the full-on cleanse till spring when you naturally tend to have more energy from the sunlight. There’s a reason that spring cleaning exists. You will have built up your energy reserves throughout the winter and will be ready to do a proper detox.

6. For a restorative wellness break, try a Wellbeing Booster in Middle Piccadilly (UK), a Mindfulness Break at Lotus Retreats (Spain) or an Ayurveda Holiday in Schloss Pichlarn (Austria).

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