Masai people in Kenya

How To Live Like A Local in Kenya, Thailand and Iceland

Masai initiation rite ceremony

Five new Local Living trips have been introduced by tour operator, G Adventures providing travellers with more culture-rich community tourism options, including staying with the Masai people in Kenya, a hill tribe in northern Thailand and locals in the Icelandic countryside.

There are also two new trips in Italy, which has proven popular with travellers looking to experience grassroots culture. These are Local Living Sorrento, where travellers stay in an agriturismo on a lemon farm, and Amalfi Coast Winter.

What is the Local Living programme?

G Adventures’ programme of Local Living trips enables travellers to explore a region in greater depth, remaining in one location and really getting to know a place while staying in accommodation characteristic of the destination.

The five new trips join top seller Local Living Ecuador, where travellers stay with village elder Delfin Pauchi, the first person G Adventures ran trips with in 1991. Local Living Mongolia has also proven a hit, with travellers staying with different nomadic families during their trip.

The new Local Living 2014 brochure is available now, and includes these new trips:

Local Living Kenya: Learn about jewellery beading from the local women, spend the night in tents in a bush camp and undergo Masai Warrior training.  Priced from £399pp for a five-day trip from Nairobi return.

Local Living Iceland, Northern Lights: Take time to go in search of the lights, visit flea markets and buy fish for a cooking class. The CEO is a native Icelander and will be able to impart knowledge about customs and daily life. Priced from £699pp for a five-day trip from Reykjavik return.

Local Living Sorrento: Call an Italian agriturismo on a lemon farm outside Sorrento home for the week, hike the famous ‘Walk of the Gods’, explore chic resort towns and historic villages and savour delicious home-cooked Italian food made from local ingredients. Priced from £899pp for a seven-day trip from Naples return.

If you’re after more information or are interested in booking these trips, you can call G Adventures on 0844 272 2040 or visit

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