Hints & Tips For A Great Mexican Holiday

Mexico is renowned for its cuisine, climate, ancient architecture and culture. We look at some of the best tourist attractions and destinations to be found in its capital city.

Travellers flock to Mexico to enjoy the sights and sounds and make the most of its glorious beaches and hospitality. There is everything to satisfy a discerning traveller and here are a few tips and hints if you are planning a Mexican holiday.


El Zocalo

One of the most famous tourist spots in all of Mexico, El Zocalo is effectively a plaza which is surrounded by coffee shops. This area has a rich architectural and historical value and is best visited at night. The buzz in the air is tangible and anyone looking for a great night out with the family will have an amazing time at El Zocala, sitting under the stars.

Palacio de Bellas Artes

This imposing marble structure is another huge draw for those enjoying a Mexican holiday.

It is located in Alameda Central and is home to such museums as the Museo Del Palacio de Bellas Artes and the Museo de la Arquitectura.


There is also an enormous concert hall and art centre, and the place is usually packed with visitors and tourists wanting to experience the cultural richness and gaze upon the art, paintings and sculptures on display.

The museums are home to art collections from such famed artists as Rufino Tamayao, Diego Rivera and David Alfro Siqueiros. The theatre’s stage boasts a unique glass curtain and this is another huge attraction for locals and tourists alike.

Templo Mayor

No holidays to Mexico are complete without visiting this major temple dating back to Aztec times and carrying the historical significance you would expect from such a cultural landmark.

Templo Major was first built in 1375 but was rebuilt at a later date as well as being extended in various stages. The museum is quite outstanding and exhibits objects and artefacts which were excavated from the original Templo Mayor and these relics provide a window back to the ancient Aztec civilisation. Another big draw is the amazing stone art work and many visit the Templo Mayor just to look at this.


Discovered in 1558, the city of Guanajuato is considered to be Mexico’s colonial gem. With its rich history, it is well worthwhile fitting a trip there into your Mexican holiday itinerary. If your holiday is a mix of sun and beach, a visit here will add a splash of beauty and history to your trip.

The city boasts stunning architecture, museums and ancient buildings along with irregular houses and streets, underground tunnels, hidden plazas and several steep stairways so you can visit the house balancing on the slips.

Declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Guanajuato is really somewhere special.

zona rosa

Zona Rosa

This downtown region of Mexico City is a great place to relax and just watch the world go by. Dining and shopping are both a must here, as is sitting in the pavement cafés to watch the street entertainment and to get a real taste of Marvellous Mexico.

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