A couple having a photoshoot at a bar in Lisbon

Goodbye Rubbish Holiday Photos, Hello Photoshoot

A couple having a photoshoot at  a bar in Lisbon
A couple get a cool shot at a bar in Lisbon.

We’ve all been there, haven’t we? You go on holiday and witness amazing views and are left with blurry photos taken by strangers, a host of shots with one person missing, unflattering, awkward angles and a variety of selfies that don’t do you justice. Well now you have an option.

Flytographer is new service that enables travellers to capture the spirit of their holiday by hiring a local photographer in over 70 cities worldwide for a beautiful, candid, informal photo shoot.

The result? The company promises you’ll ge served up with magazine-worthy photos with everyone included, and in the best possible light. Indeed, some of Flytographer’s team of talented photographers have shot for publications like Vanity Fair, Vogue, Rolling Stone, Time, New York Times and Getty Images.

Additionally, each shot will have a location landmark in the background: a cobbled street in Le Marais, a glimpse of a Venetian canal or a view of a Manhattan skyscraper, so that the scenery remains a part of the memory.

Created by founder Nicole Smith, Flytographer was born after a long-awaited trip to Paris to meet up with her best friend Nicole hadn’t seen for years. After marginally good selfies and clumsy snaps taken by strangers, the women were delighted when a Paris-based friend agreed to take photos as the pair strolled city streets. What resulted were candid pictures which completely captured the spirit of the trip. Thus, Flytographer was born – to help others capture their special travel moments together, too.

Mother and daughter shopping in New York
A mother / daughter shopping trip in New York, pretty cool we think.

As soon as you book you are assigned a shoot concierge to manage and organise everything for you. All you do is say when and where and they take care of the rest. Flytographer is available worldwide including North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

Options include:

The Short Storyteller: 30 minutes with a local photographer (one neighbourhood), 15 digital photos, £150

The Subtle Chronicler: 60 minutes with a local photographer (one to two neighbourhoods), 30 digital photos, £200

A Romp Around The City: 2 hours with a local photographer (multiple locations across the city), 60 digital photos, £350

If you like the idea you can get more info at www.flytographer.com.

Girl on a trip to Tokyo

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