View from Greenwich Park

London Video Guides: The Basics, The Weather And Eating Out

View from Greenwich Park

London is one awesome city to visit but with so much to see and do it can get a little overwhelming. So check out these cool new video guides from that showcase the city’s most popular attractions, giving a fresh perspective on its world-famous landmarks.

How To Do London: The Basics

What are these strange Oyster Cards, and why do locals get annoyed when you stand on the wrong side of the escalators? We start with the basics, which is always a good way to begin.

Ok, so for Brits this is pretty obvious stuff but to people visiting London from overseas for the first time, there are some handy hints to make sure you’re comfortable in your surroundings.

How To Do London: Weather

There are so many lovely places to enjoy in London when the sun is shining. But, as we all know the British weather is not the most reliable of allies and will inevitably let you down. So, this video helps you make the most of your time in the city come rain or shine.

Perhaps take a bike when the Tube and buses become a little too hot, take in some Afternoon Tea if it’s wet outside, or find a warm fire in a cosy pub should it be really chilly.

How To Do London: Eating Out

Now London is one of the world’s leading cities for culinary experiences to suit all tastes. Forget outdated notions of poor experiences and embrace what’s on offer, with deals for pre and post theatre, plus lots of special offers available through the web and voucher sites/apps.

Whether it’s cheap eats, street food, Michellin stars or markets, it’s all there for you.

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