Tombs on the island of Sumba

A Tour of Tribes and Tombs on the Indonesian Island of Sumba

Tombs on the island of Sumba

Situated in the province of East Nusa Tenggara, the island of Sumba has a wonderful ‘off the well-trodden path’ appeal, with a stunning backdrop of underlatuting hills and sublime beaches.

On this captivating four-day, three-night tour travellers will learn about the unique customs of the local Marapu religion, distinctive for astonishingly elaborate ceremonies and the building of huge megalithic tombs.

You will be shown the most impressive stone tombs on the island, observe the distinctive tomb carving process and enjoy guided walks through local tribal villages. These villages are distinctive for their houses built on stilts, constructed solely from bamboo and thatch.

Tribes on the island of SumbaThere will be the opportunity to interact with the different local tribes that inhabit these traditional dwellings, before visiting a local foundation to learn how they are aiding a tribe try and balance their ancient traditions with the demands of modern culture.

The local Sumbanese also produce some of the highest quality Ikat in all of Indonesia, and on this fully guided tour travellers can observe this process of using dyes to colour materials at a local market, with opportunity given to purchase some of the beautiful fabrics and clothing on display.

This tour is from Bangkok-based Backyard Travel which is an online travel company specialising in tailor-made tours to Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Indonesia, Japan and China.

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