Private Jet

Fly On A Private Jet – Yes, You Can Afford It

Private Jet

What if you could step onboard your own private jet – for the same or even less than the price of an airline flight?

For many of us, a summer holiday starts with hours of waiting around at the airport. And extra security delays for many travellers this summer will add even more time and hassle to airline flights – when prices are also at their highest.

PrivateFly reckons we can get a sharp deal if prepared to be flexible and book at short notice.

Adam Twidell, CEO of PrivateFly said: “An empty leg comes about when a private jet is repositioning. As the aircraft is flying empty, the owner or operator will often be happy to sell this one-way leg at a big discount – often a fraction of the full price. Europe’s private jet traffic sees a significant peak in the summer, so there are many more empty leg flights available, and amazing deals to be had right now.

“Some of our flights this week beat their airline one-way equivalents. Deals include London to Cannes for £171 per person and London to Paris for £138 per person. Long haul empty legs are also available further in advance that can beat first class fares, including London to Hong Kong in a Gulfstream GIV for £3,750 per person.”

PrivateFly is integrated with over 7,000 aircraft globally, and offers price comparison and booking services for private jet charter via its website, apps and 24-hour team. It also offers empty legs all over the world. The company says that many of these deals are open to offer, and sell for up to 75% discount on the usual price.

Twidell continues: “Private jets are usually about time-saving, not cost-saving. But if people are prepared to book last minute and travel as a group, the cost per person can be less than business class – or even low cost airlines in some cases. They are usually one-way flights and while a return flight can sometimes be matched up, others enjoy a private jet experience in one direction, and make their own way home. Private jets don’t have to just be for billionaires, VIPs and rock stars.”

So, get on a flight and remember to post a photo of you jet-setting it on our Facebook page!

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