Foodie Bucket List

Foodie Bucket List Suggests 101 Ideas To Tempt Travelling Taste Buds

Foodie Bucket List

A travel price comparison site called has launched a massive guide to foodie fun across the globe. Packed to bursting with 101 food focused experiences, the list is full of some pleasing palate tastes for ravished rovers.

Split into three sections ‘Must Visit,’ ‘Must Do’ and ‘Try if you dare’, the list offers everything from must-visit restaurants to explore around the world, to bizarre and outlandish dishes that many would feel rather queasy trying.

A few of our favourites from the list include:

  • Embrace the cold and experience Finland’s ‘Snow Restaurant’ where you can dine on a festive bowl of Reindeer soup. The restaurant is always at least -5 degrees centigrade and the inside is covered in snow.
  • Try a dish you can’t pronounce the name of from a street stall in Southeast Asia, costing next to nothing.
  • Go on a fishing trip, if you’re successful take your prized catch home to cook for dinner.
  • Have a giggle with a group of friends at a cocktail making class with an expert mixologist.
  • Nibble on Escamoles, the eggs of giant black ants dished up in Mexico, dubbed by some as ‘insect caviar’.

Alice Mariscotti-Wyatt, editor at said: “Food and travel often come hand in hand. Tasting and learning about different countries’ dishes and culinary practices is a great way to discover more about the country you are visiting, offering a fascinating insight to your chosen destinations identity and culture. We created this list to offer some culinary based travel inspiration.”

You can explore the list for yourself here.

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