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Stereotype Of Sunburnt, Tipsy British Tourist Prevails

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The traditional stereotype of the sunburnt, tipsy British tourist – complete with questionable footwear – prevailed in Travelzoo’s European Tourist Stereotypes Survey.

Travelzoo is pretty cool for top travel and entertainment deals and polled 2,400 people across the UK, France, Germany and Spain to find out what each nation thought of its European cousins when they travel abroad.

Brits drink a lot and Spanish most likeable

British tourists were singled out for their sense of humour and open-mindedness in the survey, but were also perceived as being the heaviest drinkers on holiday. Brits are also seen as being less generous than other European nations, with almost half of Spanish respondents claiming UK travellers are the least generous when abroad. Overall, Spanish tourists were voted by all four countries as the most likeable – topping the lists for being the most courteous, generous, friendly and helpful.

Despite the UK, Spain and France describing German travellers as “pushy”, “demanding” “beer drinkers”, German respondents were in fact the hardest on themselves, with 55% admitting that the stereotypical German traveller lacked generosity. Interestingly, 47% of Germans do not view themselves as child-friendly, although it appears that a substantial 74% of UK and 86% of French respondents think that they are.

French admit they’re arrogant and rude

The French, who labelled themselves “arrogant” and “rude”, are the least popular overall when ranked according to their stereotypical traits.

UK travellers were particularly unkind to their French cousins, with over half of UK respondents agreeing that French travellers lack humour. A further 47% of British travellers said that the French lack courtesy, which greatly contrasts with the opinion of French travellers, as a huge 92% think of themselves as courteous individuals.

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