Generator Hostel, Dublin

Go Easy On The Wallet: The Most Popular Hostels In The World

Generator Hostel, Dublin
Generator Hostel, Dublin is the third most popular according to this data.

Because an ever increasing numbers of travellers, both young and old, are recognising the benefits of staying in affordable accommodation, we list the most popular hostels in the world.

Generally nestled in the most convenient of locations, hostels are a popular accommodation option for those looking to reduce their travel costs.

Hotel price comparison website has searched its database of over 800,000 properties and has named the ten most popular hostels in the world for the last 18 months. Its global PR and content manager, Alycia Simons says that hostels are no longer simply an accommodation option for budgeting backpackers.

Alycia commented: “From families looking for an affordable place to stay, to keen solo-travellers hoping to meet like-minded people along the way; hostel accommodation can be the perfect solution. While not extravagant in their offerings, they generally offer the basics – a clean and safe place to stay, with a bathroom and access to a communal kitchen.”

So, what are the world’s most popular hostels we hear you ask….

  1. Generator Hostel London (England)
  2. Meininger Hotel London Hyde Park (England)
  3. Generator Hostel Dublin (Ireland)
  4. Anker Hostel, Oslo (Norway)
  5. Nihao Taipei (Taiwan)
  6. 40 Berkeley, Boston (USA)
  7. Centre Esplai Hostel (Spain)
  8. Eurohostel, Helsinki (Finland)
  9. Euro Hostel, Glasgow (Scotland)
  10. Camping Village Roma (Italy)

While not for everyone, it seems that some nationalities are happier than others to book into hostel accommodation. According to data, travellers from the following countries appreciate value and are more likely to book a hostel room:

  1. United Kingdom
  2. Australia
  3. Russia
  4. Germany
  5. Taiwan
  6. Spain
  7. France
  8. South Korea
  9. Italy
  10. USA

Do you use hostels, and do you have any recommendations? Let us know in the comments below…

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