KTB 2014 Blogging Report

Our Top 5 Most Popular Posts in 2014 Were…

KTB 2014 Blogging Report

Which of our posts from last year interested you all enough to get a whole load of clicks? We’ve dived into our 2014 report and here’s what you were reading the most…

1. Sexy Air New Zealand Flight Safety Video Creates A Stir

We try and provide you with lots of ideas for days out, short breaks and holidays. Perhaps we shouldn’t bother (only kidding) as the most viewed post from 2014 was a fun piece looking at the most talked about flight safety video of recent memory.

In a world awash with political correctness, Air New Zealand decided to do its own thing and.. well, upset a lot of people. An in-flight safety video launched back in February 2014 featured some rather hot swimsuit models and attracted a lot of attention.

2. How To Enjoy A City Break To Lisbon On A Budget

Who knew Lisbon was so popular with our readers? But we didn’t know there was such a great line-up of affordable cool happenings in the city and we looked at what is achievable on a small budget in Portugal’s captivating capital.

According to the Post Office’s 2013 City Costs Barometre, Lisbon ranks as the most affordable city in the Eurozone and with its many districts offering free or inexpensive entry to their cultural attractions, it is easy to spend a little and see a lot, as we found out.

3. Jaw-Dropping Vistas In The Wilderness of Yukon, Canada

A Gold Rush legacy, First Nations people and amazing wilderness make Yukon a stand-out place to visit if you want to get away from everything. We took a closer look and you did too.

Thanks for the local tourist boards over there for picking up on the story and giving it a good share around. We love social media, don’t you?

Tombstone in Yukon, Canada - credit Gov of Yukon_F Mueller
Tombstone in Yukon, Canada.

4. Go Easy On The Wallet: The Most Popular Hostels In The World

The second post on the list that looks at saving money… a theme there we think.

Because an ever increasing numbers of travellers, both young and old, are recognising the benefits of staying in affordable accommodation, we listed the most popular hostels in the world. Generally nestled in the most convenient of locations, hostels are a popular accommodation option for those looking to reduce their travel costs.

Hotel price comparison website HotelsCombined.com searched its database of over 800,000 properties and named the ten most popular hostels in the world for the last 18 months. And here they are…

5. The Best 26 Tips We’ve Ever Seen For A Great Theme Park Holiday

Theme park holidays can be great fun but also very busy, tiring and expensive. However we loved these quite brilliant tips to make yours loads of fun without the hassle.

We’ve been on a fair few theme park holidays to Orlando, Florida and wish that we’d seen these tips before. It seems you loved them too, so thanks for reading.

Thanks for reading our blog and sharing in 2014. We’ll be posting as often as we can throughout this year and we hope you continue to enjoy what we do.

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