Lalibela in Ethiopia

2015 Hotspots: Bhutan, Menorca, Namibia and South-East Asia

Lalibela in Ethiopia
Lalibela in Ethiopia, a hot destination for 2015 (photo credit: Red Savannah).

Bhutan, Menorca, Namibia and South-east Asia feature on a Travel Hotspots list. 2015 predictions also include Oman, Ethiopia and the Arctic as ones to watch with celebratory occasions increasingly dictating travel as well as second honeymoons and pure adventure.

The list is by luxury experiential travel company, Red Savannah.

A new generation of river boats on the waterways of South East Asia, including the ‘mighty Mekong’, puts South East Asia firmly on the hotspots list, with new launches in Laos, Cambodia and northern Vietnam, whilst the latest Peter Jackson film, The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies, continues to keep the dramatic scenery of New Zealand front of mind.

Menorca kicks its hedonistic Balearic siblings gently into touch, with boutique hotels such as Torralbenc opening in recent years as well as high end family villas. Oman features as a ‘one to watch’ with visitors venturing beyond the Muscat resorts to the oases and mountains of the interior.

The indigenous wildlife and unique culture of Ethiopia lures second-time safari travellers seeking another side of Africa whilst Namibia’s hauntingly beautiful landscapes further proves there is more to an African holiday than a game drive.

snow mobiling across the majestic mountains of Svalbard
Snow mobiling across the majestic mountains of Svalbard.

Bhutan is also expected to welcome more visitors in 2015 as they celebrate the 60th birthday of His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck, the creator of Gross Domestic Happiness.

Driving factors predicted to influence destination choice this year include celebratory occasions, notably 40th and 50th birthdays as well as second honeymoons. “Fifty is clearly the new forty”, said Red Savannnah CEO, George Morgan-Grenville.

“With children finally leaving the nest, fifty-somethings often have a higher disposable income having paid off the mortgage and dealt with school fees, as well as the propensity to travel further than ever before. People definitely feel that now is the time to tick off a few bucket list places and enjoy the fruits of several decades of career building.”

That said, European villas are expected to continue in popularity as a cost-effective solution for multi-generational families whilst adventures, such as snow mobiling across the majestic mountains of Svalbard and ranch holidays in the USA, are expected to steal more of the traditional family beach holiday limelight.

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Luxury Travel Trends-Infographic

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