Monte Galero, Italy

Italian Locals Offer Free Services On Alta Via dei Monti Liguri Mountain Trail

Locals working and living on Italy’s Alta Via dei Monti Liguri mountain trail have combined forces to form a 24-hour assistance service to walkers, bikers and horse riders on the route.

The Alta Via dei Monti Liguri is a 440km mountain trail covering the length of the Italian region of Liguria and the aim of the service is to make it easier and safer to navigate, attracting more visitors to the region.

The Alta Via Info H24 offers a number of services before and during a visit to the Alta Via. Prior to a trip, maps, trail information and suggestions of where to stay and which stages of the route to walk can be sent to or discussed with visitors ( 0039 338 162 9347). This is available in English, French and Italian. Along the route, markers have been strategically placed with details of mobiles numbers to call in case of any issues, which are available 24 hours a day. There are also free shuttle services in case of bad weather.

The Alta Via is a scenic route, split up into 43 stages of between two and four hours, and is suitable for anyone with a good level of fitness. Details on the trail can be seen at:

Examples of the stages are:

Scoffera: To the east of Genoa is the section called Scoffera. The trail follows part of the Old Salt Trail, where for more than 1,000 years mule herders carried salt from the ports of Liguria to trade with the fertile plains of northern Italy so the route is in infused with history.

Val di Vara: At the very eastern section of the Alta Via is the Val di Vara, characterised by woodland alternating with vast pastureland, which contrasts with the steep valleys of the rest of Liguria. The Val di Vara is an agricultural area with beef and dairy farms and plenty of smallholdings producing berries, honey, vegetables, cornflour, chestnuts, wine and oil.

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