Grand Tour of Switzerland

Grand Tour Of Swizterland: 5 Alpine Passes, 22 Lakes And 11 World Heritage Sites

Who’s up for a road trip? From this summer you can experience the Grand Tour of Switzerland, a new self-drive tour, by car or motorcycle that leads travellers over five Alpine passes, alongside 22 lakes, and eleven UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

For those of you taking the tour it will see you drive 1,000 miles through towns and villages, passing by all the major sights and attractions in Switzerland – but avoiding motorways wherever possible.

The route can be quickly accessed from the border towns of Basel, Geneva and Chiasso.

Switzerland Tourism recommends driving clockwise, allowing eight days to experience the entire route. There is a newly devised road map, produced by Swiss cartographers Hallwag Kümmerly+Frey, and a GPS solution is in development.

Switzerland Tourism has selected 115 hotels and guest houses whose location and facilities make them particularly suitable for guests on the Grand Tour of Switzerland. In addition, there will be will be a bookable package; a selection can be viewed and booked at

The ‘Grand Train Tour of Switzerland’

Created by Switzerland Tourism’s partner, Swiss Travel System, the Grand Train Tour of Switzerland is a new rail itinerary comprising 750 miles of the country’s most beautiful panoramic routes.

It is the perfect alternative for those who prefer public transport to the self drive option that the Grand Tour of Switzerland offers. It can be enjoyed all year round and is best experienced with the Swiss Travel Pass – a single, all-inclusive ticket that gives you access to the entire public transport network. For more information, visit

All information can be found at

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