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Travel Dating App Says You’ll Never Be Lonely

As the world’s first travel dating website goes mobile perhaps it’s time to ask if you would travel with a complete stranger?

Imagine a first date in Bali, or meeting someone new during a weekend getaway in Paris. Well, this new app for iOS and Android mobiles says it will make sure you’re never alone no matter where you go.

For years, travel-dating website,, has connected travel enthusiasts who aren’t satisfied with getting to know someone over just dinner and a movie. Catering to its on-the-go user base, MissTravel is now available for free on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

The app caters to travellers looking to share the experience with someone else. Promoted as ‘a better tinder for travel’, MissTravel does not simply rely on GPS locators to match members while they are already on holiday. Instead of meeting for a coffee date, users who form a connection fly away together for a first date in a far-flung destination.

Over half-a-million members from across the world on more than 300,000 first-date getaways have connected through MissTravel.

You can invite someone to join you on an upcoming vacation by offering up an extra ticket. The app also lets users who may not have the means to pay for their own trip invite others to take them along to the destination of their dreams. The site has also added a feature which lets users go dutch, for those who can pay their own way, but still want a travel partner.

“When we travel, we leave nothing to chance, making sure our transportation and accommodations are planned to a tee,” said Brandon Wade, founder and CEO of MissTravel. “So why leave your date up to serendipity? MissTravel is the travel agent of love, connecting people who believe travel is a richer experience when shared and want to find romance along their journey. With MissTravel you never have to travel alone again.”

The MissTravel app also includes a feature which lets members browse based on their location. This feature, exclusive to the app, allows those those who are not able to connect with anyone before their trip to meet someone at their destination.

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